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Long Charmat Method


» For our Blanc de Blancs wine, produced with the Long Charmat Method, we use 100% Chardonnay grapes (single vineyards), from our vineyard located in Tupungato, Valle de Uco. The harvest is done in mid-February.

» The first fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperature is designed to obtain an elegant base wine, of good acidity and delicate aromas. It undergoes a second fermentation during 3 months, in contact with the dregs of selected yeasts in suspension that provides aromatic complexity and structure in the mouth. In this process, dead yeasts release compounds (polissacharides, aminoacids, proteins, etc.) that confer the wine a higher concentration in aromas and taste.


» The difference with the common Charmat method lies in making the most out of the extraction of dead yeasts components (lees), as if it was a Champenoise method. Moving the dregs during 3 months allows for the extraction of the highest possible amount of substances that improve the quality of foam (sustenance) and bubbles and additionally provide aromatic characteristics of a higher complexity.

» After the bottling process it comes the rest period in which bottles are kept in the cellar for 60 days to let wine harmonize its aromas and tastes.